The messaging below will be used to promote cloud services available to federal organizations through the partnership between Unisys and Microsoft Azure.

Key Messaging

Tagline: Power of Partnership: Cloud Solutions from Unisys and Microsoft


Federal agencies are facing evolving legislation, growing mission needs and escalating citizen expectations that require greater reliance on the cloud environment for support. Legacy systems simply can’t keep pace with the demands of today’s users, and – even more concerning – present security vulnerabilities that jeopardize the safety of federal data. Yet agencies continue to allocate much of their IT budgets to outdated systems, and grapple with technical and cultural hurdles to modernization. It’s time for a powerful, customized federal approach that balances the rigorous demands of operational mission execution and resource constraints with the need for extensive IT transformation.

Global information technology leaders Unisys and Microsoft have teamed up to help federal agencies navigate the cloud landscape and realize cost savings, efficiencies and new levels of flexible service delivery through the Azure enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. This powerful partnership represents superior cloud technology, delivered by the established provider of digital workplace solutions – all tailored to meet the specific needs of federal customers.

It is critical that agencies create a digital workspace in order to achieve the lean, agile, mission-focused government they envision; but knowing where to start in the cloud deployment process can be challenging. The strategic alliance between Unisys and Microsoft alleviates that burden by facilitating cloud implementation on agencies’ behalf – helping them prioritize strategic long-term modernization efforts and providing unmatched client care and implementation support.

Unisys laid a strong foundation for success through Gold and Silver membership levels in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) and becoming one of the first Microsoft Partners to achieve Azure Government Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) status. Our performance is backed by exceptional Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) scores and our proven expertise in federal solutions implementation. And, thanks to discounts of up to 50 percent and deals on Microsoft software through the Microsoft Home Use Program – in addition to the significant long-term cost savings of cloud deployment – Azure boasts the unbeatable value that comes with the Microsoft name. With over seven decades of combined experience including U.S. defense and civilian agencies such as Treasury, NASA, IRS and many others, this partnership translates to unparalleled service from two of the biggest names in cloud innovation and technology.

Agencies can now leverage the cloud to quickly deliver new user capabilities, ensure their data is secure and data access is compliant, access innovation through continuously updated software, and increase speed to market for new services. Unisys and Microsoft Azure customize services and solutions to specific business challenges so organizations can maintain mission focus while adopting cutting-edge cloud technologies that will drive the digital government of the future, while making the best use of taxpayer dollars. Empower your productivity: trust Unisys
and Microsoft Azure with your agency’s cloud deployment.

Target Audience:

● Office of the CIO (including Acting and Deputy CIOs, DCIO (IE) and related offices), branch CIOs and IT decision-makers at all relevant branches of the government
● Deputy Chief Management Officer, Office of Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, Business Technology Offices, Director of Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation, Strategic Capabilities Office throughout the government
● Other core federal audiences as identified by Unisys